SuperCoach Champions

Round 15 Late Mail Edition feat. Wackos Whispers and Your Twitter Questions

August 20, 2020

Wackos Whispers for Round 15 is critical listening as always, with some important decisions for people to make. And plenty of tough question and decisions for the crowd, mostly about Haas and other FRFs, but also some about the halves too. Get around it! 

Thanks again goes to Supercoach Champion ( or Supercoach Championship Rings on Facebook) for supplying us with a 2020 championship ring for the winner of our overall group comp - jump in GROUP code 715121 (not league code) if you're not in the group yet!

Thank you as always for your kind reviews and ratings, we really do appreciate them all! And we did mention our Patreon - - please have a browse and see if you want to get involved! 

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