SuperCoach Champions

NRL SuperCoach Champions - Episode #3

March 7, 2019

Episode #3 of the NRL SuperCoach Champions is hot off the presses and you've got Guy and Wilfred to talk all things NRL SuperCoach for another week.

We share some thoughts on the Centre/Wing position in SuperCoach, talk team structure including some consideration of the dual gun fullback and/or the three gun/POD half approach, share our respective approaches to 'draw analysis' and we also answer a bunch of your Twitter questions which raised some really interesting discussion points.

As mentioned in this week's podcast though, the NRL SC Champions group code is 948196 (group code, not league code!) so please jump into the group and we can see who can become the Champion of the Champions group this season! 

Thanks again for all your kind reviews, please keep them coming as we really do appreciate and take on board your feedback. We again hope you'll enjoy what you hear, please subscribe and leave us a comment on what you enjoyed (or didn't enjoy), what we can improve on, things that you'd like to hear us discuss in coming episodes, or just to say hi! 

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P.S. we promise next week's episode is going to be pretty EPIC - even if we do say so ourselves! 

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