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Keep Calm and #StayInside - the 2nd Self Isolation episode

April 9, 2020

Ha, ha, ha, ha staying inside, staying inside. What, not a Bee Gees fan? What a time to be alive these days as we bring you the second "Self Isolation" episode during this little hiatus. No comments on COVID-19 this week, it's other depressing chat - with some positive - as Catfish and Bear break down our Round 1 teams and what has gone right, wrong and in-between after two weeks of the season. 

We celebrate the calls we got right, the ones we got wrong (Catfish breaks down the actual impact of him starting with Damien Cook over Api Koroisau for starters) and the ones that are still "TBC" (i.e. we can't tell after just two weeks). 

Catfish ponders some potential POD/anti-POD strategies to try catch up and we also take some wild guesses based off just two rounds of data from 2020 as to who we might see finish up the top in each position (assuming we get some footy back, and there is a shortened season. 

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